Custom Display Filters, Optical Laminations & Display Enhancement Solutions

LCD Enhancements & LCD Glass Direct Bond

  • Increase LCD display brightness without increasing the power or heat consumption of the panel
  • Improve contrast and readability
  • Improve clarity and quality
  • ESI offers custom light output reading with every prototyped panel

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Touch Panel & Touch Screen Lamination

ESI laminates its filters to existing touch panels and touch screens.

Privacy Filters for Touch Panels & Touch Screens

ESI can integrate its privacy filters with existing touch panels and touch screens.
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Touch Panel & Touch Screen Direct Bond

ESI’s direct bonding process can be implemented in touch screen applications.
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Display Ruggedization / Vandal Glass

ESI Glass to Glass Vandal Resistant Filters:

  • Optically bond glass substrates up to 42” X 63″
  • Protects LCD from vandalism and outdoor environments
  • Improves readability of outdoor displays

LCD Glass Bonding – Brightness Enhancements

The Direct Bond removes two internal reflective surfaces by eliminating the air gaps between the LCD surface and the rear side of the outer glass or plastic substrate. AR (Anti-Reflective) or AG (Anti-Glare) coatings on the front surface increase the contrast ratio even further. A 20% improvement in contrast ratio is typical with this treatment.
Ruggedization / Environmental

  • * Moisture due to condensation is eliminated between the LCD and the outer substrate
  • Impact testing has shown significant improvement with a direct bonded front surface vs. an “adhered” – frame/gasket configuration with no bonding interlayer

Physical Properties of ESI Direct Bond

  • High Strength
  • Non-Yellowing Catalyst System
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Temperature Service Range = -55 degrees C to 200 degrees C
  • Thermal Coefficient of Expansion = 30 x 10-5
  • Elongation = ~ 220% Shrinkage < 0.1 %

Product Offering for LCD Direct Bond

  • Anti-Reflective Coated Glass
  • Anti-Glare or Matte Finish Glass
  • Anti-Reflective Glass
  • ITO Coated Glass
  • Touch Panels
  • Chemically Strengthened Glass

Specifications on above glass provided upon request.

Thickness Ranges: 1.1mm up to 6.0mm
Thicker configurations available per specification. Reliability for glass and coatings differ – those specifications can be provided as needed.

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