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AR Glass

Anti-reflective glass (non-reflective glass) uses multi-layer vapor deposition coatings on one or two sides of the glass surface to minimize interference caused by reflections. ESI’s anti-reflective coated glass improves usability of displays by reducing reflections while maintaining crisp, sharp images.


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ESI anti-reflection coated glass reduces unwanted reflections and improves transmission of images over uncoated glass. The average reduction in reflectivity is from approximately 4% per surface to approximately 0.3% per surface. Therefore, for a double sided coated glass, the reduction is from 8% to 0.6% – a 13X reduction. Transmission is improved by the same factor. Clear float glass averages 92% transmission in the visible light range. A single surface coating improves the transmission to 95% and a double sided coating improves light transmitted to 98-99%.

ESI also offers its proprietary “Easy Clean” hydrophobic treatment which reduces the unwanted finger-print color shadows typical of anti-reflective coatings. It also improves the ability to clean the surface by rejecting static-borne materials and solutions. “Easy Clean” can be cleaned with all common glass or window cleaners without affecting the coatings.

  • Glare and reflection reduced by 95%
  • Contrast Enhancement
  • Superior Durability
  • Excellent Surface Quality
  • Anti-reflective glass is available in multiple sizes and thickness ranges
  • Competitive Pricing

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