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EMI/RFI Shielding

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EMI/RFI Shielding

Eyesaver provides several different solutions to address the issue of interference. EMI and RFI problems cannot be ignored, and Eyesaver can help to provide a solution, whether your application has a display and needs a filter, or if it also has a touch screen.

The EMI/RFI products we offer are available in ITO coated glass, ITO film or Wire Mesh.

ITO Coated Glass – Has high quality optical and excellent shielding properties. Our coated glass is offered as a laminated filter or single pane glass, in various thickness. We can combine our ITO glass with other Eyesaver enhancements such as anti-glare or anti-reflective coating. Eyesaver can also optically bond any of our ITO glass filters to your TFT display.

ITO Coated Film – These transparent conductive films utilize multi-layer transparent conductive coatings on flexible PET Film. These films reduce EMI / IR from the display surface, and offer high visible transmission with low resistance. Our ITO film can be laminated to touch screens, glass or acrylic.

Wire Mesh EMI Shielding – For the most stringent shielding requirements. Our wire mesh is ≥ 1 ohms/sq with either a stainless steel or copper base. The mesh can be laminated between optical substrates or to the rear surface of touch screens. It can also be applied to metal frames and secured with gasket material.

Eyesaver can apply a Busbar for termination to any of the shielding options listed above. The busbars are available in either a silver epoxy or a copper tape.

Pictured below is side view of a 15” EMI shielded filter. This filter consists of two pieces of 1.6mm glass laminated together. The ITO layer is on the inside, and the silver epoxy busbar wraps around the rear surface for grounding. The front and rear surfaces also have AR coatings.






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