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EMI/RFI Shielding

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EMI/RFI Shielding

Eyesaver provides several different solutions to address the issue of interference. EMI and RFI problems cannot be ignored, and Eyesaver can help to provide a solution, whether your application has a display and needs a filter, or if it also has a touch screen.

The EMI/RFI products we offer are available in ITO coated glass, ITO film or Wire Mesh.

ITO Coated Glass – Has high quality optical and excellent shielding properties. Our coated glass is offered as a laminated filter or single pane glass, in various thickness. We can combine our ITO glass with other Eyesaver enhancements such as anti-glare or anti-reflective coating. Eyesaver can also optically bond any of our ITO glass filters to your TFT display.

ITO Coated Film – These transparent conductive films utilize multi-layer transparent conductive coatings on flexible PET Film. These films reduce EMI / IR from the display surface, and offer high visible transmission with low resistance. Our ITO film can be laminated to touch screens, glass or acrylic.

Wire Mesh EMI Shielding – For the most stringent shielding requirements. Our wire mesh is ≥ 1 ohms/sq with either a stainless steel or copper base. The mesh can be laminated between optical substrates or to the rear surface of touch screens. It can also be applied to metal frames and secured with gasket material.

Eyesaver can apply a Busbar for termination to any of the shielding options listed above. The busbars are available in either a silver epoxy or a copper tape.

Pictured below is side view of a 15” EMI shielded filter. This filter consists of two pieces of 1.6mm glass laminated together. The ITO layer is on the inside, and the silver epoxy busbar wraps around the rear surface for grounding. The front and rear surfaces also have AR coatings.






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What Cover Glass are you using for your P-Cap?

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 Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) touch screens have become very popular in the past several years for a wide variety of applications. With the growth of smart phones and tablets, P-Cap touch screens have rapidly become the dominant global touch technology. The growth of market share for P-Cap touch screens in just three years is remarkable, and its position is only going to become more dominant:

  • 2009 -            21.0%
  • 2010 -            36.3%
  • 2011 -            61.3%
  • 2015 ~           81.5%

One of the most attractive features of a P-Cap touch screen is the ability to customize the top glass layer of the touch screen to match a specific requirement, including:

  • A top glass layer that is wider than the active area, to allow for a sleeker, thinner bezel
  • An attractive finish with the non-active glass surface masked in black
  • A durable finish with chemically strengthened  top glass

Eyesaver is a top provider of custom cover glass to the P-Cap touch screen industry. While many P-Cap touch manufacturers offer a custom top lens, Eyesaver provides levels of flexibility that touch screen companies cannot offer. These are just a few of the options that we can provide:

We have three different glass options:

  • Chemically strengthened glass – This is the most common cover glass and is Eyesaver’s preferred material. We can provide this in any thickness you require
  • Bonded glass – Eyesaver will laminate two pieces of glass together. This provides two advantages:
    • Two bonded pieces of glass are actually more durable than chemically strengthened glass, so this is the best solution for vandal proof applications
    • A film layer can be sandwiched between the two layers, providing additional customization options
    • Single strength – For applications where durability is not the major concern. We recommend an anti-glare matte finish on the front of the glass.

Eyesaver offers a  variety of different films and coatings:

  • Anti-glare (AG)
  • Anti-reflection (AR)
  • Combination AR/AG with a hardcoat top layer – if you need to reduce reflection this is recommended for the outer layer
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Heat rejecting film
  • Anti-fog film – Excellent for outdoor applications where moisture is unavoidable

Eyesaver offers two other distinct advantages over many other touch screen and cover glass suppliers:

  • For most standard P-Cap touch screen sizes, Eyesaver can provide you a quote in 24 to 48 hours
  • Eyesaver supports customers of all sizes, so we will provide custom cover glass for programs with annual usage as low as 100 units

Please contact us for your next design, or if you have any questions about what cover glass options may be best for you.

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Adhesive Film Provides A Clear Window To The World

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An adhesive film that transmits 99% of incoming light helps a maker of laminated windows for the International Space Station meet stringent optical clarity specs. The Optically Clear Laminating Adhesive 8141 from 3M, St. Paul, has a scant 0.1% haze level and is free of common defects such as bubbles and dirt because it’s manufactured in clean rooms. It also withstands the elements without delaminating or yellowing.

Eyesaver International Inc., Hanover, MA, uses the film to attach a clear “scratch pane” to the inner surface on Space Station windows. The scratch pane protects the 0.5-in.thick windows from damage, keeps shards out should a window shatter, and provides a substrate for transparent, conductive, thin-film heaters.

“The 3M product has excellent uniformity, creates zero optical distortion, and coats flat without voids,” explains Eyesaver’s Steve George. “Station builder Boeing says it’s clear enough to photograph through,” adds partner Matthew Smillie.

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